Earn Money Online
taking nude selfies of yourself.

All women can become nude selfie models and work from home while earning money from your photos. You can earn quite a bit of money, no experience needed, all you need is a smartphone, digital camera or video camera to take nude selfies of yourself.

We pay you to take nude selfies


You must be 18 years or older to participate, verification of legal age is required. It's open to women from all over the world, from all countries.

No Experience Required

No experience is required for you to participate in our selfie program. We are looking for all types of content generated by you, amateur style, afterall you are taking selfies.

Photos and Videos

Our program gives you the opportunity to turn your nude selfies or video into cash $. Just send us a photoset of selfies you've recently took or video for review and get paid for them.

Get paid for all content you make

Once you have taken your selfies or video, upload them to us for review and get paid for your work. So be creative and start taking nude selfies from different locations and erotic themes.

Paula J. Sterling

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Model, Entrepreneur

Earn Money Online

Nude Selfies Program

We pay per completed photoset, a photoset can have between 40 to 100 photos, selfies are taken fast in various positions and locations. Payment varies based on quality of images and quantity of pictures taken.

Nude Video Program

Videos are paid by length of video and what your are performing in the video, as well as quality of the video you are sending us. Videos can be taken by smartphone or video camera.

Specialty Selfies Program

You can opt to do nude selfies based on erotic themes that we require for our partner sites. These selfies tend to pay more per photo, but certain guidelines need to be followed, as a model you can request to participate in the specialty selfies program.

Social Media Program

We have a program for women who wish to post nude selfies of themselves on adult social programs, as well as posting comments and different activities such as live chat with members. Please inquire as a model to participate in this program.