Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find most common questions about Selfie Modeling. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.

Modeling Questions

What is the age limit to model

All aspiring models need to be 18 years or older in order to send photos or videos and or to produce content for us. We accept model applications of any person who is of legal age, there is no upper age limit, mature women are welcome to model for us.

Is there weight limits to model?

No, we accept all model types regardless of your weight limits or body types. From thin models to full size models can send in an application and become a selfie model.

I live far away, can I model?

Absolutely yes, there are no restrictions whether you live in Antartica, Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa, etc. We accept model applications from all over the world, if you want to take selfies in the nude and sell them to us, you are more than welcomed to apply.

Do I need special gear to model?

No, just your smartphone, digital camera, or video camera and a selfie stick. That is all you need in order to become a selfie model.


How do you make payments?

Depending in the country where you live, we look at the methods of payments available. There are many transfer services available in most countries.

When do I get paid for my modeling?

All models get paid once you have completed a project and submitted to our staff for review. The payments usually go out the following day from completing a project.


Can producers submit photos?

Yes, you can apply to submit photos on content you have produced and willing to sell.

Do you have any additional questions about modeling for us? Send us a message and we will gladly answer your questions or concerns.